American perspectives on education

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American Adolescents’ Sources of Sexual Health Information

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The American Revolution is a cornerstone of U.S.

American Education From A Global Perspective

History that receives ample analysis by historians, teachers, and students. Oftentimes, analyses focus on the battles that were fought, the generals that became heroes, and the political ideologies that swept through the minds of individuals such as Jefferson or Washington.

American perspectives on education

Perspectives in Education (PERSPECT EDUC) Journal description Perspectives in Education is a professional, refereed journal, which encourages submission of previously unpublished articles on.

This study was supported by a grant from the Council of Sections Project Pool of the American Dental Education Association.

Key words: clinical education, dental students, instructional effectiveness, dental education, teacher evaluation. National Native American Heritage Month and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday provide an excellent and relevant opportunity for teachers to examine Native American perspectives of history.

Celebrate our country’s Native American Heritage by investigating a traditional shelter once used by a tribe near you. The AACTE Committee on Global and International Teacher Education fosters development of a global perspective in teaching and teacher education and promotes the use of this perspective in decision-making within the Association, member institutions, and related constituencies.

American perspectives on education
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