Effect of positive airway pressure on endothelial function

Effect of CPAP on Endothelial Function in Subjects With Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Meta-Analysis.

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Walnuts & Artery Function

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Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is characterised by reoccurring apnoeas and hypopneas, causing repetitive hypoxia and reoxygenation, and is associated with endothelial dysfunction.

Therefore, the positive airway pressure therapy for treating sleepiness in a present study might probably be composed of subjects with less diverse population with obstructive sleep apnea: results of a meta- endothelial damage.

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The nerves page provides a detailed discussion of the synthesis, breakdown, and function of numerous neurotransmitters and the transmission of nerve signals. John Carlisle is a British anaesthesiologist, who works in a seaside Torbay Hospital near Exeter, at the English Channel.

Despite not being a professor or in academia at all, he is a legend in medical research, because his amazing statistics skills and his fearlessness to use them exposed scientific fraud of several of his esteemed anaesthesiologist.

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