Ethics of birth control

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Minors’ Access to Contraceptive Services

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“I’m Using Birth Control. Am I a Bad Catholic?”

My best friend, who's 33 and in a stable relationship with a great guy, just told me she sometimes “forgets” to take her birth control pill but isn't telling her boyfriend. The goal of ethics is to seek the happiness of all by taking their needs and desires into account.

•Applying Mill's ideas to the use of contraception shows that in order to ensure the highest pleasure/happiness is achieved you need to allow contraceptives. Ethical issues are problems or dilemmas involving moral compromise.

They can arise anywhere. They can be thought of on a societal scale, like, "should be people be allowed have a gay marriage", or on an individual level, like if a priest wants to reserve the right to refuse marrying a same-sex couple.

Nevertheless, Kate decides not to use birth control; she becomes pregnant, and gives birth to her child, Annabel. Many people might think that Kate’s choice was morally wrong. Setting aside views about teenage sexual behaviour, they might argue that this was a bad decision for Kate – it will limit her access to education and employment.

5 questions about the contraception mandate. By David Masci. that even filling out the paperwork to opt out of the contraceptive mandate makes them an accessory to the provision of birth control and violates important moral and religious teachings.

Like many who question hormonal birth control, or contraception more generally, Fulwiler is a proponent of natural family planning, an advanced version of what was once called the rhythm method.

Approved by the Catholic Church, it involves tracking ovulation signs and .

Ethics of birth control
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