Harvard kinko case

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Basic Books, Inc. v. Kinko's Graphics Co.

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Kinkos Case Solution

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Kinkos Case Solution

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FedEx Acquisition of Kinko’s Case Solution. Statement of objective. The Primary objective of this project report is the detailed and objective evaluation of the strategic acquisition of Kinko's made by FedEx.

Kinkos Case Solution & Analysis

In this case, liability has been determined and there remains a significant threat that Kinko's will continue to infringe plaintiffs' copyrights given the nature of Professor Publishing and Kinko's historic willful blindness to the copyright law.

We have evaluated Kinko's acts pursuant to Guidelines requirements because we find the circumstance of copying for college students to be particularly compelling in this case, even though Kinko's is not a teacher or other educational institution and we have found no agency relationship between Kinko's and the college professors involved.

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Information about the case collection from Harvard Business Publishing available through The Case Centre. Including materials from.

Harvard kinko case
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Basic Books, Inc. v. Kinko's Graphics Co.