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The Department of Architecture

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The PhD is awarded after two copies of the defended, approved, archival-ready dissertation have been submitted to the Department of Architecture at its headquarters.

The copies must be submitted by the Institute deadline for doctoral theses as published in the MIT Academic Calendar. Candidates in the Master in Landscape Architecture Program elect to pursue independent design theses at the culmination of their graduate unavocenorthernalabama.com research seminar is intended for Master in Landscape Architecture candidates electing to pursue a design thesis in their final year of study.

The architecture curriculum includes design studio, theory, visual studies, history, technology, and professional practice, with design as the central focus of instruction. Gund Hall’s studio trays form both the physical and pedagogical core of the GSD experience, drawing together students and faculty from across the departments of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning and design.

Organized by artist Luisa Lambri, with Mark Lee, Chair of the Department of Architecture and Professor in Practice of Architecture. Based on a workshop conducted by artist Luisa Lambri in Januarythis exhibition features students' photographs of the interior of Harvard University's Carpenter Center designed by Le Corbusier.

Interested in joining my research group (at any level: undergrad, masters, PhD, postdoc; already admitted or considering applying)? Please drop me a line to discuss any specific ideas you have for collaboration on projects in programming languages or formal verification!.

I've also written a summary of the current "master plan" in the group. Future of Streets. The Future of Streets (FoS) research project at the Harvard Graduate School of Design's City.

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Architecture, urbanism, design and behaviour: a brief review – Architectures