Opening up a hookah bar

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How to Start a Hookah Lounge Business

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How to Open a Hookah Bar

Next traditional shisha contains tobacco, herbal shisha doesn't, which some people use to skirt local laws that summer the sale of cotton. Even if your first paragraph is low on smoke, breath that more will build up as you have. Sep 27,  · Setting Up a New Business If you're opening a hookah lounge in an expensive area such as Los Angeles, you'd probably have to budget $, in startup costs for.

Sep 27,  · Opening a business like a hookah bar is probably not advisable as a college project/hobby, I don't own a hookah lounge, but I do own a [small] business so I.

The real cost of a hookah lounge comes down to the actual space, furniture, monthly rent, tvs, sound system. That is going to be variable depending on your choice and the size of the space. As for the cost of hookah related items I can break it. Contact your state’s health department to learn the smoking laws for your state and verify that you can open a hookah lounge.

For example, if tobacco is outlawed in bars in your state, sometimes there is an exemption process or you might consider using herbal, tobacco-free shisha. A hookah lounge owner is in charge of setting up hookahs for people to smoke. A lounge owner needs to make sure all the hookah pipe pieces are clean.

Similarly, they need to make sure the lounge’s shisha supply is clean and unspoiled.

How to Open a Hookah Lounge & Regulations

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How to Open a Hookah Bar


Opening up a hookah bar
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