Television addiction a rising problem

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The opioid overdose crisis is hitting all of Philadelphia, new data show

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Rush Limbaugh

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List of American television programs by debut date

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British TV Crime & Mysteries

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Could marijuana help treat opioid addiction? Pennsylvania may soon find out

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Starbucks ditches straws, but our plastic addiction is much bigger

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Democrats and Republicans may not agree on much, however, they do seem to agree on one thing: drug addiction is a huge problem for the United States.

Born: Rush Hudson Limbaugh III January 12, (age 67)Cape Girardeau, Missouri, U.S.: Residence: Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.: Nationality: This article is part of a.

Oct 26,  · The long-promised directive fulfills a vow but falls short of the national emergency declaration President Trump had pledged. This gritty border town of million people has a well-worn reputation as a sin city, a place where drugs, booze and prostitutes have long been accessible to Americans and Mexicans alike.

Marilyn: I completely agree that increasing time spent on electronic screens by kids is a huge part of the autism epidemic. I would like to add that increasing time addictively spent on screens by their parents, other caretakers, and siblings, which prevents eye contact and social interactions even if the child is available and trying to connect with them, is also part of the problem.

A new analysis of overdose deaths and where they occurred in Philadelphia over the last decade shows that although the Kensington area is by far the hardest hit, few corners of the city are untouched by an opioid crisis that usually kills in private homes, away from the open-air heroin encampments that have received so much attention.

Television addiction a rising problem
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