This semester has been incredible

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My Semester at Sea

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Semester at Sea 9

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Martin Sheen

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What an incredible semester it has been..

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Discover. Join Google+. Thanks For An Incredible Semester, UD As I gear up to tear up saying goodbye to first semester, here are some things I am thankful for. It has been a blast studying, crying, and learning with you, so thank you.

Oh, and thanks for sitting next to me in class even when I drop all my books and make a scene.

Semester in Ecuador ā€“ Universidad Internacional del Ecuador

Iā€™m an embarrassing klutz, so. Program Overview. Spend a semester in Germany, a country with a fascinating history and modern influence. Study at Reutlingen University, a university of applied sciences in a small German city near the enchanting Black Forest.

This semester has been incredible
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